Bronco’s Hall-Of-Fame Quarterback, Football Legend, Entrepreneur, and Restauranteur, John Elway, just had his 7th Grandchild. At 60 years old, he is blessed to be surrounded by a full and beautiful family, and has the honor of being called “Papi” by the 3rd generation of his ever-growing lineage.

At the same time, his wine company 7Cellars, is gaining more notoriety and exposure than ever before. Call it lucky 7. As the success of 7Cellars coincides with his 7th grandchild, we dug a little deeper into his reasoning for starting his wine company in the first place.

The idea originated when he was finally able to connect with his children as adults. He realized his appreciation for fine wine, a good meal, and spending quality time with his four children, who had grown into well-rounded individuals with lives of their own.

“About 7 years ago, I was starting to enjoy wine more with dinner.  I had owned my Elway’s restaurants for about 10 years at the time. Additionally, my kids had become adults and were starting to enjoy it as well, convening around the kitchen and talking. I became more curious and thought that it would be complimentary to my restaurants, my lifestyle, and my brand.” Says John, Founder of 7Cellars.

He teamed up with iconic winemaker, Rob Mondavi Jr., to bring his professional and personal standards of quality to a wine brand that would carry on his family’s legacy and stand the test of time.

7Cellars is available in various retails stores across Colorado, and is available to order online at Want to join in on the legacy? Get 7Cellars delivered every month for 40% + Free Shipping by joining their wine club here.

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