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We wanted to take a moment to highlight the kind words our customers have been saying about our wines, and in doing so, we hope this will help first-time and returning customers decide what their next purchase will be. If you haven't tried our wines before, these pointers can be really helpful in aiding your decision to find the best wine/s for you.
The Farm Collection Chardonnay
  • So Refreshing: When I first tried this wine, I was so pleasantly surprised that it was balanced with nice crispness and not overly buttery like so many chardonnays out there. It is my go to wine for Sunday afternoons outside with the girls. - Franchesca Beane
  • A Refreshing & Fruitful Chardonnay: Wow! This chardonnay is so refreshing and has now become a must-have for me during the summer. It goes perfectly with grilled chicken at my family BBQs! Will definitely be buying more! - Marian Bider
  • Perfect For My Everyday Wine Habit: I just discovered this wine recently, while on vacation out of town. It has become my new, everyday drinking wine! It's perfect for a hot summer day or evening, light & refreshing. And the free shipping for my order made the purchase a no-brainer. - Kristin Garvin
The Farm Collection Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Delightful Red: This cabernet sauvignon has a great body to it by not being too rich, but still having enough power. I'm looking forward to trying their other reds as this one really surprised me! - David Ranel
  • First Purchase: This was my first purchase of a 7 Cellars wine. This is a very smooth wine and thought it was a great value for the price. I will purchase again. - Gregory Fisher
The Farm Collection Pinot Noir
  • My New Fave!: This wine is delicious! Love the big, bold cherry fruitiness and can hold its own against any Oregon Pinot. And an homage to Stanford University? Does it get any better than that? John Elway definitely knows what he's doing with these affordable and flavorFULL wines. Love them all! - Jodi Targon.
  • Fruity & Flavorful: I really like the fruitiness of this wine. The notes of cherry and plum taste divine and I often enjoy this with fish dishes. Definitely recommend! -Nadine Rave
  • What A Pinot: The 2018 7Cellars Farm Collection Pinot Noir is perfect for the food lover. This wine shows ripe fruit, yet it stays bright and zesty on the palate. Pair it with seared Ahi tuna over arugula and red leaf lettuce accented with a lemon zest vinaigrette. - Wilfred Wong
Elway's Reserve Chardonnay
  • What A Find!: With so many wines to choose from and so many regions, where do you start? I came across this wine from a friend and it does not disappoint. A lovely, single vineyard chardonnay with depth and paired perfectly with our charcuterie and cheese board we had ordered at our fav restaurant! Definitely worth a try! And endorsed by Wine Spectator! - Michelle Kane
  • An Amazing Chardonnay: I love this chardonnay! It is so ripe and delicious. As my husband and I drink this regularly, we usually buy the 6 or 12 pack because one bottle never seems to be enough :) - Rebecca Clarkson
  • Elway's Reserve Chardonnay: It’s wonderful to see John Elway expand his horizons and share his Elway’s Reserve Chardonnay changing the world in collaboration with One Hope. I am an avid Broncos fanatic and have great respect for John. I recently relocated to Florida and installed a wine cooler exclusively to keep my Chardonnay chilled. Thank you for shipping to Florida. I’ve given several bottles to friends as gifts and everyone gives this wine two thumbs up 👍🏻 👍🏻  - Candace Maijala
Elway's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
  • The Best Chardonnay: I was first introduced to this by a colleague at a work dinner and I have been hooked ever since. This cabernet sauvignon has so many different flavors that somehow all work seamlessly together. If you haven't tried it already, you really need to. - Robert Francise
  • One Of The Best: My family went to Elways restaurant in Colorado, and my husband ordered a glass of this Cabernet he was sold on the fist sip. We have been ordering from them ever since. That has been 4 years now. Long time supporter. - Kimberly
  • A Touchdown In The Making!: While Napa Valley is home to thousands of Cabernets, this wine from John Elway is the bomb! A friend introduced me to it while we were celebrating and it was such a compliment to our steak tartare. We saved most of the bottle for our entrees and it continued to shine through the meal. I will be buying this wine again. And again. Enjoy! And go Broncos! - Jodi Targon

We hope these comments help you choose your next selection!

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