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Best wine shop in 2020- 2021? The effects of COVID-19 have lessened the need for American's to visit their favorite wine shop, and are trending to ordering wine online.

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Through all the chaos and calamity 2020 brought to the lives of every American, there are a handful of industries that not only seemed to weather the storm, but prevailed with flying colors.

One of those, my friends, is Direct-To-Consumer, E-commerce, alcohol sales — which saw growth of 2.6 BILLION from the year prior according to Forbes. Whether it be timing, luck, roaring reviews, or a substantial dedicated following, John Elway’s 7Cellars took flight during the tumultuous year many of us would like to forget.

7Cellars saw their online sales grow 300% during the course of 2020. What used to be only a fraction on their business, became a much more significant portion and focus.

“We wanted to provide a safe and unique experience for our customers, wherever they are in the country. Our website offers a convenient way to order our limited releases and promotions, while staying up to date on the latest and greatest of our rapidly expanding company. “ Says CO-Founder and CEO, Jeff Sperbeck.

Trying to keep up with growing demand has become a game of push and shove for 7Cellars, who had to increase production last year by 400%, landing them at 4K cases for the year. In 2021, they are projected to sell a whopping 16K, up another 400% from 2020.

The Denver based wine company, sources their grapes from premium California vineyards and were able to secure a partnership with Rob Mondavi Jr. as their winemaker for their Elway’s Reserve tier. This tier consists of a big, bold Cabernet Sauvignon, sourced from Napa Valley, and a Chardonnay, with hints of crisp fruit and lingering oak. The Farm Collection, their newest release, was created at an everyday price point and was sourced from 3 major prominent AVA’s, including Paso Robles for their Cabernet Sauvignon, Monterey (Santa Lucia Highlands) for their Pinot Noir, and Arroyo Seco for their Chardonnay.

The original conception of 7Cellars was to compliment John Elway’s already prominent restaurants, Elway’s Steakhouse, but the success of 7Cellars has warranted its own notoriety, far surpassing the borders of the Mile High City and Colorado Rockies. All 7Cellars varietals have received recent reviews from national wine publications, placing their latest vintages all at 90 Points or above,  which is quite the accomplishment in itself, and speaks for the impeccable quality of the wine.

Cheers to the milestones of 2020, and the road ahead for this innovative, blossoming wine company.  To try the wine yourself, use promo code: NOWYOUKNOW7 for 20% off + Free Shipping at

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