How To Really Earn Your 7Cellars Wine

#EarnYourWine with Bobby Maximus from Earn Your Booze!

I am one of the foremost exercise authorities on the planet. I fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, am a regular contributor to Men’s Health, a best[selling author, and have been named one of the ‘100 Fittest Men Of All Time,’ so you can only imagine the questions I receive about diet and drinking. 

There is this idea out there that you can’t enjoy your favorite food or glass of wine and also be considered "healthy". I am here to tell you that this is simply not true. You can have all the delicious food you want and enjoy your 7Cellars wine guilt-free, but here is the catch...

You have to EARN IT.

So how do you earn it? 

Simple answer, by moving your body. That’s the ultimate secret: movement. You don’t need to start a hot new program or try some fad diet trend or hire a personal trainer, just move! To start what might sometimes seem like an impossible journey, begin with a simple walk. 

For most people, a 5k walk (roughly 3 miles) at a relaxed pace will burn 200-300 calories. That is the equivalent 2-3 glasses of your favorite 7Cellars Wine.

If you want to take that walk up a few notches, take that walk to a nearby trail and do some hiking, especially if you live in a mountainous region with lots of elevation gain. The United States is home to some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world: The Appalachians, The Sierra Nevadas, and the gorgeous Rocky Mountains of Colorado. 

Hiking, especially uphill, can burn far more calories than a walk. Within that same 5k distance, you can burn 2-3 times as many. So take that 200-300 calorie number and double, or triple it. Now, if you haven't polished off the whole bottle, you can also indulge in some cheese or appetizers. Charcuterie board anyone?

The best part about consistently moving your body is not only will you be more fit, but you will also feel better, you get to enjoy the outdoors, and above all else, you will EARN yourself that wine! Wine, especially, always tastes best when you have a little something to celebrate. You work far too hard to not enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures!

So get moving. It’s time to earn it all.

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